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Some Like It Quiet

We’ve all heard that incredibly loud car going down the street that obviously needs a new muffler. But did you know that there is more to the exhaust system that just the muffler?

The exhaust system has three main functions:

To safely and correctly get hot gas from the engine out of the tailpipe.
Treats the exhaust to remove harmful pollutants.
Muffle the noisy engine.

The reason why an exhaust system is so important is because exhaust gas is poisonous. You don’t want it getting in the passenger compartment. For example, carbon monoxide can be deadly and that’s why we all know that you should never run your engine in a garage that is closed. This means that if you have a leak somewhere in the exhaust system, you may be putting yourself and others in your car at risk.

If you smell exhaust in your car- there is a serious problem! Roll down your windows and get your car inspected ASAP. You may smell or see exhaust coming from the engine compartment or under the vehicle. This is a tell-tale sign that you do indeed have a leak. The sound from the exhaust leak is not always loud and obnoxious. Sometimes it’s a ticking sound that what you start the engine that goes away as you drive. The reason for that is that you may have a crack or a bad fit that leaks when it’s cold but seals when the metal heats up and expands.

When talking about a leaking exhaust system, the environmental issue must be addressed. Exhaust gas contains many pollutants. The catalytic converter scrubs SOME of those harmful substances and diesel vehicles have systems designed to deal with soot. Like most car parts, catalytic converters eventually wear out and must be replaced. It is important to keep the fuel system clean and replace your air filter because catalytic converters are not cheap!

And that leaves the muffler. The most fun part about getting a new muffler is that you can personalize it. Some like it quiet while others like it to roar!

Custom Exhausts & Mufflers

Looking for the best in muffler repair in Panama City or Panama City Beach Want a custom exhaust system to take your vehicle to the next level? Whatever your exhaust needs, Mad Hatter Automotive Center's  staff of experienced professionals can replace or repair your muffler or perform exhaust system work in no time. 

Don't wait on muffler maintenance or exhaust services - instead, bring your vehicle into us for service you can count on. We are here to install, repair, replace, or maintain your exhaust system with excellence, no matter what your make or model of vehicle. 

We're Your Source for Custom Exhaust Installation

Our skilled technicians can design and fabricate custom exhaust systems to match your vehicle or your need for performance. With our ability to perform onsite pipe bending, your custom exhaust never leaves our shop and it stays in the hands of the technicians you trust.

Top Brands to Serve You Better

When shopping for a custom exhaust system, it's important to choose the brands you know will last and offer the performance you deserve. At Mad Hatter Mufflers and Brake, we carry custom exhaust components from top brands like:

CORSA Performance

Don’t Compromise In Your Search for the Perfect Custom Exhaust

The look of your exhaust and its performance are both equally important—don’t settle for one over the other. Since your exhaust system is mounted to the bottom of your vehicle, it takes a lot of abuse from the road, including everything from potholes to rough terrain. 

At Mad Hatter Automotive Center, we make sure that your vehicle’s exhaust system is working at its best. At our Panama City auto repair shop locations, we showcase exhaust maintenance that can keep your muffler in top condition. 

At Mad Hatter Automotive Center, we do it all. We will work with your budget to ensure quality service to your vehicle exhaust system so you don’t break the bank. When you’re ready for muffler maintenance, exhaust replacement, or custom exhaust installation, come see our professionals today. We are the premier local muffler and exhaust shops in Northwest Florida.