Understanding Your Brakes

Maintaining your vehicle can save you time and money. Your car speaks to you by making sounds and noises. This video lets you know when you need a basic brake job before it's too late.

Catalytic Converter Problems

The catalytic converter is an essential component of the exhaust system responsible for keeping our air free of harmful pollutants. Failure of the catalytic converter not only requires converter replacement for identification of the source of the problem.

Fighting Foul Odors

Foul Odor emitting from your vehicle's AC system can be eliminated. Condensation inside the evaporator core box can become stagnated and bacteria ridden. Clearing the water is essential to keeping the interior of your car safe and clean.

Keeping Your Tire Pressure

Safety, comfort and fuel efficiency all depend on the amount of air in your tires. Driving your vehicle with improper tire pressure can reduce the life of your tire while increase the likelihood of an accident.

Timing Belt Replacement

Preventative maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle in good operating order. Timing belts are often forgotten as part of maintenance. Failure to replace your timing belt can be an expensive omission


Air Intake Systems

Keeping your car running smooth means more than just changing oil. Keeping a clean air filter and throttle body can improve the drivability and live of the vehicle.

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Shocks and Struts

Mad Hatter Auto Center advises you to not forget about the shocks and struts. Shocks and Struts are part of your suspension system and will wear out over time. Control and stability of your car will suffer and increase the likelihood of an accident.

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Changing Transmission Fluid

All fluids need to be changed in your automobile. The least thought of and extremely critical fluid is the Transmission Fluid. Not changing your transmission fluid can cause internal damage to the transmission causing excessive headaches in the form of Car repairs.

Engine Oil Changes

There's no more important fluid to maintain on your vehicle more than the engine oil. Maintaining regular scheduled maintenance means your changing your engine oil ever 3 - 5 thousand miles. This video explains the importance of changing your engine oil.